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About Us

                 M.J.Locating LLC
I'm Michael John and I arrived in the Valley in 1985 from 
Germany. Forrest Anderson Plumbing was instrumental in
getting me and my family established in Phoenix.
I worked for Forrest Anderson Plumbing for almost 10 years.
Became a Journeyman Plumber and Service Technician.
I changed careers in 1995 and became a Utility and Leak Locator.
                          After 22 Years in that Field 
                  M.J.Locating LLC 
                        Was started in July of 2017
              and is servicing the greater Phoenix area
           in any Private Utility and Leak Locating needs.  
                    Customer Service
     Our goal is to provide Excellent Service to our Customers
                                   in their locating needs.
  The last thing the Customer needs is a bad service experience                when their live has been interrupted by a slab leak or a
                                  backed up drain pipe.
 We will locate and mark the problem area and communicate with
 the Customers Plumber or any other Repair Company that needs                               the information for the repairs.
Insurance and Guaranty
We stand behind our work and make sure the Customer is satisfied with the findings when our work is done.
If for what ever reason we have missed the locate or did not
satisfy the Customers needs, we will strife to correct the problem.
Leak and Utility Locating is not a exact science and has its limitations. Soil conditions and other
environmental influences can distort the equipment's signals and therefor the accuracy of the locate.
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